Is Bankruptcy Right for Me?

If you are considering bankruptcy, you may be wondering whether or not this is the best choice. Our skilled Miami bankruptcy lawyer can guide you through the process and help you understand if bankruptcy truly is the best choice for you. There are other options such as debt settlement and work-outs. Business debtors may want to consider an Assignment for the Benefit of Creditors.

How We Help You Decide Whether or Not to File for Bankruptcy

In order to determine if you should file for bankruptcy, we go through a detailed step-by-step process directed by the United States Bankruptcy Code.

  1. You will meet with an experienced paralegal at Orshan, P.A. to discuss your situation, in Spanish if you prefer.
  2. Attorney Orshan will also meet with you.
  3. You and your attorney will discuss bankruptcy options and alternatives.
  4. If bankruptcy is the best option, a skilled Miami bankruptcy lawyer will help you file.
  5. A lawyer from our firm will attend your First Meeting of Creditors.
  6. A lawyer from our firm will help you understand the exempt property options.
  7. A lawyer from our firm will help you understand the discharge and dischargeability process.
  8. A lawyer from our firm will help you with reaffirmation agreements.
  9. Orshan, P.A. will keep you informed throughout the entire process.

Signs That You Should Consider Bankruptcy

You should strongly consider bankruptcy and talk with a lawyer at Orshan, P.A. if:

  • You have depleted your savings and are considering cashing out your retirement to pay bills
  • You are behind on your rent or mortgage and are facing foreclosure
  • Your car is about to be repossessed
  • You are being sued and facing a judgment
  • Your investment property or real estate is "underwater"
  • You have mounting medical debt you cannot afford
  • You have borrowed from family and friends to make ends meet
  • You are being harassed by debt collectors
  • You are using payday advances and other short-term loans to keep afloat
  • Your credit card debt is piling up with no relief in sight
  • Your business is failing
  • You have filed for divorce
  • You have problems with the IRS
  • You need a fresh start

The Benefits and Drawbacks of Bankruptcy

Bankruptcy law is complex. Fortunately, a skilled Miami bankruptcy attorney at Orshan, P.A. can help you navigate through the process.

Some drawbacks of bankruptcy include a decreased or lower credit score, and it may be difficult for you to get a loan or credit for several years after filing a bankruptcy. Not all debt is dischargeable or eligible for discharge in bankruptcy. It is important to speak with an experienced attorney. A Miami bankruptcy lawyer at Orshan, P.A. our firm can help you understand if this is the right choice for you!

There are positive advantages to a bankruptcy filing. With bankruptcy, you can:

  • Eliminate and discharge certain debts
  • Organize debts that are not dischargeable into a payment plan
  • Stop creditor contact and harassment immediately (automatic stay)
  • Stop foreclosures or repossessions
  • Protect your assets
  • Emerge debt-free

If you think that bankruptcy may be right for you, call Orshan, P.A. today! A skilled paralegal at our firm will meet you at your initial case evaluation and a lawyer at our firm will help you determine whether or not bankruptcy is the best choice. Call today to learn more!

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