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Accidents, illnesses, and unexpected health declines can all lead to unplanned medical visits. Unfortunately, many of these medical visits can lead to crippling financial debt. In fact, a Harvard study found that medical issues caused 62% of all the personal bankruptcies filed in 2007. This is especially true for individuals who didn't have health insurance at the time of their medical care need.

If you are currently being harassed by a Florida collection agency or being threatened with a lawsuit by a hospital, you need to speak with our firm's Miami bankruptcy attorney as soon as possible. We may be able to help you find the most effective solution to your medical debt matter.

At Orshan, P.A., we believe that all individuals have the right to live a life that is free from insurmountable debt. For 25 years, we have helped countless individuals start over financially after falling into debt.

When a client reaches out to us for assistance with medical debt, we will:

  • Thoroughly review medical bills
  • Verify if your health insurance carrier provided proper coverage
  • Negotiate on your behalf with collection companies or medical providers to help reach a favorable settlement

If the medical provider or collection agency refuses to negotiate, we can help you explore other options, such as filing for bankruptcy. Depending on your unique circumstances and needs, we can recommend the right chapter of bankruptcy. Filing for bankruptcy is the most effective way of halting the collection process and allowing you to regain control of your finances.

Why Choose Orshan, P.A.?

At Orshan, P.A., our clients are extremely important to us. Unlike other law firms, our clients are not just simply a case number. Our Miami bankruptcy attorneys understand that each client has his or her own needs and concerns, and we strive to provide them with the support and guidance they desire to confront their medical bills with confidence.

We pride ourselves in offering all our clients the following:

In the event you are facing a lawsuit from the medical provider, our firm is ready and willing to represent you in court. Our firm's founding attorney is licensed to practice in all Florida courts and has extensive civil litigation experience.

For the client-focused services and counsel you need to handle a medical debt matter, please contact us as soon as possible.
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