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Don't Attempt Debt Settlement Without a Competent Lawyer

Debt settlement is a quick and effective way to handle your debts without resorting to bankruptcy or court processes. The settlement process begins with a meeting between the creditor and the debtor to determine a lump sum payment or repayment plan that meets the needs of both sides. Once you and your creditor agree on the terms of the agreement, you can begin paying off your loans with more control and peace of mind. Some creditors even provide hardship benefits for customers who are caught in difficult financial circumstances.

It is vital to ensure that you are protected during the meeting with your lender. Debt settlement involves difficult questions and concerns, which means the proceedings can become tense and potentially hostile. Unfortunately, that is sometimes the case with financial proceedings involving debt. Having a Miami bankruptcy lawyer on your side can make sure you have a knowledgeable advocate who can steer the discussions effectively and professionally, fighting for your interests every step of the way.

The experienced attorneys at Orshan, P.A. can help protect you from debt collectors who attempt to pressure you into an unfair deal that does not benefit you as much as it benefits them. We can also help you handle the IRS, who often taxes people on forgiven debt as though it were income. Our attorneys each have more than 25 years of experience helping individuals achieve debt freedom and regain control of their financial situations. The bankruptcy lawyers at Orshan, P.A. are well-versed in handling creditors, debt collectors, and other agencies on our client's behalf. If you're tired of running from collectors, banks, and creditors, let us help you face them.

Tips on Debt Settlement

If you are thinking of debt settlement or a debt management plan, don't wait. When you are too far behind on a debt, it may be charged-off and becomes more difficult to negotiate. Be proactive and hire a skilled Miami bankruptcy attorney at Orshan, P.A. to guide you through this process and see if debt settlement is the best choice for you. By acting quickly, you may be able to settle your debts, regain control of your finances, and rebuild your life without dealing with any bankruptcy paperwork or proceedings.

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