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Chapter 11 bankruptcy is one of the most advantageous choices for businesses struggling with debt for numerous reasons, one of which is the automatic stay. It is not uncommon for those facing bankruptcy to be harassed by creditors and the automatic stay puts an end to this.

At Orshan, P.A., we have over two decades of experience in bankruptcy law. We understand the concern you may be experiencing and will work tirelessly to ensure that your needs are met throughout this time. Our Miami business bankruptcy attorney is not only dedicated to resolving your case, he is dedicated to resolving it in the most successful way possible.

What does an automatic stay mean for my business?

Credit agencies are known for swooping in when debt surfaces and doing whatever they can to force the individual to repay this debt, even if it is impossible for them to do so. The moment you file for Chapter 11 bankruptcy, an automatic stay goes into effect.

This stay temporarily defers all of the following:

  • Collection attempts
  • Property repossessions
  • Foreclosures
  • Garnishments or levies
  • Continuing lawsuits

An automatic stay is an excellent way for business owners to reevaluate their circumstances and determine the best way to reorganize their debts. In very specific cases, a creditor may be able to get a court order that permits them to take further action on the debtor.

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As the founder and lead attorney of our firm, Paul L. Orshan is one of the most qualified bankruptcy attorneys in all of Florida. He has been voted Top Attorney in Florida Bankruptcy Law since 1998 and Best Lawyer in America for four consecutive needs. When you retain his assistance, your needs become his needs.

Our Miami Chapter 11 bankruptcy attorney would be happy to answer any questions you may have about the automatic stay granted in Chapter 11 and guide you through the bankruptcy process as a whole. Get in touch with our firm by calling to schedule your free evaluation!

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