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If you are a member of the United States military or working for defense contractors, you may wonder if bankruptcy filing will impact your security clearance. While bankruptcy will not automatically affect your security clearance, there may be some instances where financial irresponsibility can jeopardize your standing. That is why it is always important to discuss your case with a Miami bankruptcy lawyer before taking any legal action.

With more than 25 years of experience handling cases just like yours, Orshan, P.A. is equipped to provide the counsel and support you need. We can answer all of your bankruptcy questions regarding security clearance and ensure that you put the best foot forward.

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What action will impact security clearance?

The military takes many things into consideration when assessing your security clearance, including factors such as allegiance to the United States, foreign influences, criminal conduct, use of information technology, and financial responsibility. This responsibility is considered living within your means and satisfying all of your debts. Filing for bankruptcy indicates that you may be unable to control your impulses. However, there are simply some cases when unexpected expenses force and individual to consider bankruptcy. That is why the military will review your case carefully to determine your clearance level.

Common reasons why security clearance will be affected:

  • Maintenance of an excessively lavish lifestyle
  • Being unwilling to repay debts
  • Failing to file income tax returns
  • Irresponsible spending habits
  • Debt in connection to gambling, alcoholism, or drug abuse
  • Difficulty meeting financial obligations
  • Committing illegal acts concerning money

If an unforeseen life event contributed to bankruptcy, such as a medical emergency, divorce, or the loss of a job, then you may be able to demonstrate that your debt was not connected to irresponsible actions. This may prevent your security clearance from being harmed.

How can Orshan, P.A. help me?

Simply having excessive debt can affect you whether or not you are given certain security clearance. If you are thought to have a serious amount of creditors or debt collectors after you, it may be seen as irresponsible and risky to have you privy to confidential information. However, filing for bankruptcy can be used as a means to take proactive steps, owning up to your financial problems and working to move forward and away from your debt.

When you work with Orshan, P.A., you rest assured knowing that our firm knows how to protect your best interests. Our Miami bankruptcy lawyer can make sure that your bankruptcy plan is as efficient as possible, quickly discharging debts or setting up an effective repayment plan. We also understand how security clearance is impact by bankruptcy filings and can provide unique insight for your case.

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